This team’s activity consists in offering execution services and trading support exclusively to institutional and professional investors across the fixed income markets.

Thanks to its network of more than 200 active institutional trading counterparts, the Marzotto SIM Capital Markets team is ideally positioned to provide excellent trading coverage while maximizing cost efficiency, both on the primary and secondary markets. Execution of bond orders remain one of our key areas of expertise and this includes government and corporate bonds, structured solutions, high yield and emerging market products.

MARZOTTO SIM team is experienced in the valuation and the analysis of complex structured products linked to interest rates and credit. Pricing is derived from our proprietary models and it assists clients while managing risk accurately and independently.

Thanks to our extensive network of counterparts worldwide and our specific expertise, our team is designed to manage a vast array of orders while guaranteeing complete anonymity even when trading large sizes.


The portfolio management activity is carried out both collectively and individually.

To date Marzotto SIM acts as delegated manager for the two SICAVs Pharus Active Bond and Pharus Active Diversified.

The first one focusing mainly on the bond markets, while the second covering stock investment opportunities as well. Both options are managed with an absolute return approach.

In terms of individual asset management activity, Marzotto SIM offers two main investment solutions. The standard one consists in the selection of the most appropriate solution, within our existing products, according to the client’s risk/return profile. The tailored one consists in the creation of a customized portfolio that best suits specific client needs when these aren’t met through our existing products.

In any case, the continuous monitoring of both the financial needs of the customer and the current investment positions are a solid base to build a trusting and lasting relationship with our clients.



This team’s activity consists in the preparation of financial analysis reports to suit specific customer needs or elaborate on the most relevant topics to discretion of the research team. These issues are disclosed periodically or on demand.

The main areas of coverage are the following:

• Credit Risk Analysis of individual bonds
• Fundamental Analysis of individual stocks
• Market trends
• Sectorial trends
• Asset-Class trends
• Macroeconomic trends
• Support to the investment committees
• Web conferencing and other online services on specific market themes


This team’ s task is to identify our client’s specific needs in terms of risk allocation and provide our investment consulting service. We build our relationship through a direct and personalized approach to our client’ s portfolio allowing complete discretion on implementation of our advice in their investment strategy.

The process of Advisory SIM Marzotto can be summarized in the following steps:

1. Analysis of the existing portfolio
2. Identification of potential imbalances
3. Receipt by the customer’s specific needs (constraints or desired)
4. Formulation of investment advice
5. Monitoring